A Tailored Service To Suit You

We’re all different; our needs are different, as our desires, our likes and dislikes; what is also different is what we expect when it comes to customer service.  So, when it comes to making one of the biggest transactions, and therefore decision, of your adult life, that of buying, selling or renting your home, you want to make sure that your needs are met to the full.

But how can you ensure that the customer service you’re going to receive from your agent is right for you?  We’ve all heard the expression ‘off the peg’ but just because that service fits one person’s needs, it won’t necessarily be the right one for you because your requirements will be, without doubt, different from someone else’s.  As we all know, ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and that’s where a bespoke sales service could be the right option for you.

Tailoring a bespoke sales service, or customer service, that fits your needs is all about you.  It’s about understanding you; getting to know you and your family, discovering your likes and dislikes, finding out about the things you just can’t live without… the more that is known about you, the better and more successful your tailored bespoke sales/customer service will be.

At Elizabeth Hunt & Associates, we’re not here to sell or rent you a property.  We are here to share the experience with you, to hold your hand through the process.  It is important to use that we put people before property, tailoring a personal, friendly service that is customised to you.

Our Values

  • Putting people before property: our personal, individual service ensures that we know everything about you and your needs, and will look after your home or investment as if it were our own.
  • Transparency: our whole process empowers the vendor, purchaser, landlord and tenant to make the best transaction possible, that’s right for unique individual circumstances.
  • Integrity: we do what we promise and where we cannot, we will tell you.
  • Consistency and continuity: because we’re independent and our approach is an alternative to mainstream agents, we offer a whole holistic sales and letting journey.

We are always on hand to offer a highly professional, honest and transparent customer service that you can trust, alongside expert local knowledge and advice.  You, the customer, are our focus because we believe everyone’s needs are different.  We are the local independent agent that offers a different approach to buying and selling, or renting and letting your property.  We will always go that extra mile so that you are reassured that the service we provide is right for you.

Call us today for a different experience in managing the sale or rental of your property.