Brexit hasn’t slowed us down!

Despite the continuing and protracted Brexit negotiations, at Elizabeth Hunt & Associates we are still seeing an active market, on sales and lettings properties.  It’s rare that we see activity on both sides of the market, at the same time.  We were busy as we went into the close of last year, not only securing good property lets, but we also had two sales properties going to best and final bids!

So, we thought that the start of 2019 would be traditionally quiet, but not a bit of it!  Our two property sales romped to completion in record time, and we went on to agree two new property lets within a matter of weeks of the houses coming to the market.

It appears that, despite Brexit, the world keep turning, at least in the property market.  People still need, and want, to move – up-sizers recognise that their onward purchase has perhaps dropped by the same margin as their sale; divorcing couples, sadly, is a reality after the holidays; others need to release finance; and, of course, developers are still keen to secure land in what has become a traditionally pretty secure property area.

This aside, realism is still the name of the game and at Elizabeth Hunt and Associates, we’re not afraid to tell you how it is – it might not be what you want to hear, but the advice we give you will be realistic and honest advice.

As for Brexit… unlike the property market right now, that’s a waiting game.