Going away? Ensure against an insurance claim with regular property checks

Whether you’re away from your home for a couple of days, weeks or longer; the security of your home and averting any potential insurance claim may play on your mind.

Wouldn’t it be great if that worry was taken care of and you could relax and enjoy your time away?

Like most of us, as you drive to the airport or your destination a checklist runs through your mind – doors and windows locked, check; heating off or low, check; light timers set, check; neighbours notified, check. And these precautions work if your trip is a short one. But what if you’re away for any length of time?

We were recently asked to ‘keep an eye’ on a property whilst the owners were away for 6-8 weeks because the previous year, whilst they were on holiday, their water tank sprung a leak.

This year they went away knowing that we were going to check the property regularly; picking up post, turning lights on and off at different times of the day/evening, closing and opening curtains, and walking through the house to ensure all was ok.  Roll on to week 3 of their holiday; visiting the house one morning, we discover that the water softener had sprung a leak, despite the fact that it had just been serviced! The good news is that because we were visiting the property regularly we were able to stave off a flood and minimise any damage.

Had this not been spotted until their return, it may well have ended in a second, rather costly insurance claim and this time the insurers may not have been so happy to pay out.  Most people may not realise that property owners must notify their insurers if they are planning on being away for longer than 21 or 28 days – worth checking your home insurance policies.

Add in the emptying of their post box – a sure sign someone is away – turning lights on and off at different times of the day, and doing a general walk-through of the property, we’re pleased to report that no disasters occurred and the owners had a very relaxing, worry-free holiday!

At Elizabeth Hunt & Associates, we have a team where we can offer this peace of mind to home owners and structure a service that works for them.  You tell us how many days you’re away, how many visits to the property are required, such as every day or every couple of days, and we will ensure your home is kept safe and sound.

We operate a policy of ensuring that all costs are transparent and we advise you every step of the way.  We actively encourage feedback from our clients and welcome your thoughts.  Contact us today on 01483 285255 or email elizabeth@elizabethhuntassociates.co.uk to book your regular property checks whilst you’re away.